Manik Sharma

About Manik - Passionate Local SEO Expert

Hi, I’m Manik, your preferred local SEO expert. I started my journey about 3 years back – when I had literally no idea what to do next in my life. We had a small family business that I wanted to scale and grow. Subsequently, I started studying digital marketing and simultaneously applied it to our business. Eventually, we got the results, but most importantly, I got the direction!

I was so impressed with how digital marketing helps businesses to thrive – how it helps people reach the right information – how small businesses can have a competitive advantage – and how it significantly influences the economy as a whole.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that I greatly admire as a major branch of internet marketing. SEO is a deadly combination of marketing + technology + personal relations + branding + a lot of brainstorming. All of its core concepts resonate with my interest, and that’s what makes me so passionate about it!

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Why I do what I do?

Every industry has got some flaws, SEO included. I have been mostly hearing things like – “I invested in SEO but the agency could not provide the results that we demanded”, “Some guy commits to offer the top rank on Google, should I trust him?” or even worse, “I hired an agency to work on the SEO part, but they cut me off after I sent them the full payment.”

I have been brought up with moral ethics and values. I always prefer to go with honesty and truthfulness. Making money with fake promises and commitments is not my style. On the other hand, I know better what I am capable of.

Having said that, I want to ensure that when you work with me, you can expect – honesty, integrity, simplicity, proficiency, and impactfulness.

My Promise

“I will help your business thrive with the help ofthe best of digital marketing best practices, with an honest approach and clear purpose-driven goals, to the extent exceeding my current skillset.”